If it weren’t for the ability to replace the removable battery in my Z10, I would be MIA half of the day. Fortunately, I can swap batteries on the go and charge a spare with the charger bundle accessory.

Originally, this wasn’t going to be the case for BlackBerry 10 devices. We saw a glimpse of its truth with the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A, which did not feature a removable battery.

However, BlackBerry apparently had a change of heart. Thus, the reason we have seen removable batteries in the Z10 and Q10. Although, a new rumor from BBOS suggests that removable batteries will be non-existent with future BlackBerry 10 devices.

No reason has been given for the sudden change. Road warriors will certainly not be too excited if a BlackBerry 10 device without removable battery does come to fruition.

Allegedly, the R-Series (BlackBerry 10 device for emerging markets) and the Aristo (that “Z10 on steroids” device) will not have removable batteries. It could be that BlackBerry has found a way to incredibly improve battery life from a few OS tweaks.

Though, take this information with a grain of salt for now. We’ll keep digging for more information. Would you want a BlackBerry 10 device without a removable battery if it had average power consumption?