Amazon has worked hard on their Kindle Fire name, with several good tablets currently available for purchase, but it has been a while since we see anything new. Besides the Fire Phone, which wasn’t the company’s best gadget, we haven’t seen a new Fire device in a while. But it seems like we might soon.

Some reports have said that Amazon could be releasing a new 6-inc, 8-inch and 10-inch Fire tablets, and renders leaked today support the 10-inch tablet. If the renders are real, you will notice the traditional look on Amazon tablets has changed a bit. Buttons are placed at the top of the tablet, and the front-facing camera is at the middle top section of the device.

It’s hard to tell which version of Android it would be based on, due to the customizing on the OS from Amazon, but this sure looks better than previous tablets. We hope to see more of it, and we’ll keep you updated!