I know most of you have tried Angry Birds, whether it was on an iPhone, Android smartphone or a computer and probably know how cool and addictive this game can be. To make it worse, if you’re a BlackBerry user you’re stuck with the PC version of the game since Rovio still hasn’t launched a BlackBerry version of the game. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon either.

Smarter Apps has listened to our prayers and created a pretty good and close enough version of the game for BlackBerry devices, called Angry Farm. We’re not sure if Angry Farm could be considered a total rip-off, but I’m glad they did make it as it’s a pretty good attempt at making a game similar to Angry Birds. Lets face it, it’s the closest thing to it BlackBerry will be getting, for now at least.  Full review after the break!

Angry Farm isn’t all that different from Angry Birds; it’s not better or even as good as Angry Birds but it’s a good version of it. The gameplay is about the same, you get a farm animal to throw with the slingshot and crash them into the structure ahead to get rid of the foxes inside of it.

The game is available for both, touch and non-touch BlackBerry smartphones. I have to say I’m a little impressed with how good it works on non-touch. At first I thought it might be a bad experience considering the game has only been played on touch devices (Am I right?), but I went ahead and tried it out anyway and I must say I don’t regret doing it, it works pretty well with the trackpad/trackball.

The game in general could use a little more speed and little less lag. Though it doesn’t happen all that often, it can be annoying at times and this is something I don’t remember ever happening with Angry Birds. There is a way to solve this, or at least temporarily solve it. It seems restarting the phone speeds up the game just enough for you to play without any lag.

If I had to pick one area where Angry Farms has almost nailed the Angry Birds similarity it would be the graphics. The similarity is incredible, so close that it could easily fool anyone who’s not a hardcore Angry Birds fan. When you start playing it is when you know they aren’t the same.

Angry Farm is missing a few features from Angry Birds, we have to keep in mind two things:  first, even if they are almost exactly the same, they really aren’t; different developer, not the same audience, no matter how similar they are. Second, it’s the Smarter-Apps first release, so it’s bound to miss a few things.


I’ve also noticed how easy it is to get stuck in this game, you would have to repeat a level a little too many times before you can beat it because sometimes it gets stuck, some of the bricks won’t fall or won’t crush the foxes and it makes it a lot harder to beat the levels. I’m not an Angry Birds pro but it took me a lot less than 10 times to beat level 3, which is how much I had to play to beat it in Angry Farm. I’m sure some of you might actually like the challenge.

Compared to Angry Birds, Angry Farm still needs work, but considering it’s the first of its kind for BlackBerry I have to say I’m happy with it, it is definitely an addictive game worth having. Smarter Apps really wanted to make Angry Birds for BlackBerry so much they shamelessly did an almost exact clone of it and you know what? Kudos for giving us, BlackBerry users, the love we’ve so long been begging to get from Rovio. Check out the gallery below!

Angry Farm is available for most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.6 or higher (supports OS 6). It is available on the N4BB store for only $4.99, make sure you try it out if you like Angry Birds, it is truly very addictive. I’m stuck on level 6 so if you bought this and managed to beat it, let us know how you did it in the comments below!

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