SmarterApps is known for not only making awesome apps and games, but also for making great remakes of those apps us BlackBerry users don’t get. This time they created App for Google+, given that Google has not shown any signs of it working or even planning to work on a Google+ app for BlackBerry, our saviour has come to our rescue.

My first thought was “Oh God, here comes an awful copy of the original app, or even worse…a launcher”. My oh my, was I wrong! App for Google+ is so incredibly similar to the original, you won’t even know the difference! The design is great, it has all the official icons and most of the features. You can do all the basic stuff such as post updates to your profile, check-in to places, upload photos and tag places to the photos. Obviously, you can view your stream updates from people in your circles as well.

The application let’s you check your friends’ profile and see the circle they’re in. You can also add them to a new circle or remove them from the one they are in. You can also see that persons photos and status updates right from the same menu. You can do the same with your own profile; view it, see your updates and the photos you have on your profile. App for Google+ includes the option to view your circles and who’s in them. You can view posts and photo or a certain circle as well.

What surprised me the most if the fact the App for Google+ even includes instant upload. You have to keep in mind the app is still in its BETA version, which to me meant it was going to be pretty basic: status updates, stream and not much else. The applications has almost every feature available on the official iOS and Android Google+ app, only thing missing is the Messenger, which is in the app with the “coming soon” message.

Since the application is available for absolutely no charge, it includes a small ad at the top of the app that shouldn’t bother you at all. It works great, it’s fast and every feature on it works correctly, even instant upload! I bet if Google ever released an official app for BlackBerry, few people would switch from this one to the official. If you’re a Google+ user you definitely must try out this app and let us know if you like it! Don’t forget the app is still a in Beta so it might not work 100% correctly. More images below:

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