Most of you probably use Google Reader a lot to keep track of all those sites you read constantly (especially N4BB, right?). I work on a desk, therefore I’m always on my work computer, but some people are usually always out and rely a lot more on their BlackBerry. What do they need to keep their RSS feeds at hand? BerryReader. Bellshare’s always been known for making awesome apps, and BerryReader is no exception.

With BerryReader you can access your feeds just like you would on Google Reader. You can access all items, your starred items, shared items, read by folder or single feed. You can manage your feeds right from your BlackBerry since BerryReader lets you add and remove subscriptions from your Google Reader account.

On single articles, you can star, like, mark as unread or a read, and edit tags. On touch devices, you can slide to mark as unread and star, which is pretty cool and works smoothly. It’ll also let you share the feeds via email, Twitter or Facebook. If you were to lose your internet connection on your BlackBerry smartphone, that wouldn’t be a problem. You can read the downloaded feeds even if offline, and any changes you make to it will be saved on the phone to be uploaded later when you get back online. BerryReader can let you setup all updates to be done automatically in the background or just refresh when the app is opened for better battery life. It will let you set the amount of articles you want to be downloaded on every refresh. If you do decide to let it refresh in the background because you just HAVE to read the news as soon as they come out, then BerrReader notifies you when new articles are downloaded.

To make it a little more customizable, BerryReader has options to make the article list view full or compact, which is almost the same except you can’t read the full article title on compact mode. There are two themes you can set, a white background/black font and a black background/white font. You can also set the font size and hide the shortcut bar. It will also let you hide the articles you already read and just show the unread ones.

Best part of it all is it doesn’t show much effect on battery life. Of course, if you set it to constantly check for updates you will see a difference, but it still won’t be too much. You can try out BerryReader for free for 7 days, and purchase for only $9.99 from the N4BB store or App World

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