Ah, the famous BlackBerry App World. Not to be confused with the other BlackBerry App World for smartphones, this one is PlayBook-only . Taking a first look at the new App World after the 2.0 update, you’ll notice that there have been some big visual changes. The user interface has also been spruced up with a strictly tile-based arrangement of apps and games that are “Featured”, which should vaguely remind you of Microsoft’s Metro UI.

You’ll see big name apps such as Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Evernote, Groupon and so on. As far as games go, the Playbook is fairly stacked, despite what all the haters say. You’ve got Spiderman, Need for Speed, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Plants vs. Zombies, Samurai II: Vengeance, Madden 12, Dead Space, Fruits and Ninja, UNO, N.O.V.A, SimCity Deluxe, Monopoly, Modern Combat 2, and many other high quality games. Anyone who says the PlayBook “doesn’t have any games” is mistaken. The PlayBook has many of the games that most people want and they run very well.

Despite having fewer games than Google’s marketplace or Apple’s App Store, I feel that the selection and quality is enough for the vast majority of people. Remember, the PlayBook does not have the luxury of having any smartphone apps to pull from.

Looking at the Apps section, you’re going to notice a shortage of quality apps. That’s not saying that there are “no apps” and that you won’t find any good ones. You do have “Facebook”, “Evernote”, “Scoremobile”, “Scrapbook”, “Kobo”, “Cineplex” and great Twitter and Dropbox apps with “Blaq” and “Bluebox”, any many, many others. This is just saying that many of the apps some may consider mandatory on a platform such as Skype, Netflix and Kindle just aren’t there (yet). Well, that’s not entirely true. With a bit of tech-wizardry, the Kindle app does exists for the PlayBook.

The number of apps has also increased with the addition of quite a few “Android” applications. The thing is, they aren’t Android apps anymore. They’re all BlackBerry apps now (insert evil laugh here)! They have been assimilated into the BlackBerry Platform. You usually won’t be able to tell if the app was Android in another life or not. Most are initially marked with the le