Research In Motion hasn’t always been known for superior OEM products. However, their most recent line-up of bluetooth headsets have done quite well, when matched up to the leading competition. The BlackBerry HS-300 is the most affordable OEM headset, with a price tag of only $50.

Along with the HS-300 you receive a user guide, Micro-USB cable, power plug, 4 ear pieces, and 1 ear hook. Since the HS-300 is an ‘entry level’ bluetooth headset, it did not include extra gel ear pieces or a nice leather ear hook like what is included with the HS-700. Nevertheless, the ear pieces had a snug fit and the plastic ear hook was comfortable enough.

The HS-300 does talk to you, it says ‘Hello’ when you first turn it on (with a simple on/off switch), proceeds to say ‘Connected’ if the pairing was successful, and says many others to notify of completed actions or errors,. It is very easy to use to answer a call, mute, or ignore a call, by simply tapping in the BlackBerry logo. There are a number of voice commands you can use, but unfortunately it isn’t integrated similar to the HS-700. In order to take advantage of the voice commands, you must use the BlackBerry voice command application.

Using only the HS-300 you are able to make a call, answer a call, answer a second call, switch between calls, join two calls, and of course end a call. It is very easy to use and super light-weight. Although, the light-weight plastic did give it a bit of a ‘cheap’ feel. Nevertheless, the talk and charge time make up for where the form factor lacks. By only charging the HS-300 for 15 minutes, you’ll get 2hrs of talk time. This makes the HS-300 a headset to have if you’re constantly on the go.

The call quality was surprisingly almost as good as the HS-700. Voices were crisp, loud, and clear. Even with the volume turned all of the way up, there wasn’t any ‘crackle’ in the headset’s speaker. For having a price tag of only $50, it is well worth it if you don’t want to shell out $129 for the HS-700 (and don’t mind a few less features).


HS-300 feature list:

  • Bluetooth® 2.1 for simplified pairing
  • Bluetooth® HFP Bluetooth profile


  • Dedicated on/off switch
  • 4 hours of talk time with a full charge
  • 2 hours of talk time with a 15-minute charge
  • Micro-USB standard connection
  • BlackBerry® Micro-USB Charger included

Other features:

  • Audible voice prompts
  • Automatic volume control
  • English language support only

For more information or to buy, visit BlackBerry.com

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