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I usually prefer to keep my devices without skins or cases as I don’t like the extra bulk; however, with the portability of the PlayBook I thought I ought to grab something a little more substantial than the neoprene sleeve that comes with the PlayBook, while also being useful. That being said I want to share with you some of my thoughts of the official case.

While little more than a rubber form fitted case with leather wrapped around, I found this case to be of excellent quality. The leather is soft to the touch but solid. The BlackBerry logos that are on the front and side make this look even more refined than I would have imagined. A nice feature of the case is the nice camera cut out on the back allowing the device to be functional in that capacity. Having the ability to hold the PlayBook upright in 2 different positions is really nice over the standard portfolio case. In the first position sits the device nearly straight up which allows for great media consumption. The second position holds the PlayBook at more of an angle to allow for typing. Some of my gripes with the case at that they way in which the PlayBook is held in place is with a little grooved and raised bar combo. The problem with this is that it doesn’t really lock into the position like one would hope, or compared to the iPad 1 case. The other part about that i don’t like is that it leaves a clean bar on the screen of the PlayBook. Being clean is not the problem, but the rest of the screen will surely have smudges on it unless you opt for a screen protector and so the section really stands out. Lastly, as the charging, USBand micro HDMI ports are all on the bottom of the PlayBook, you cannot have the case closed or in a standing position and have access to any of the ports. Not a deal breaker for me, but keeping the case fully open while charging isn’t the greatest option.


  • Rich, solid leather
  • Nice access to buttons and ports on top
  • Multiple positions


  • Can’t use bottom ports without case being open
  • Doesn’t lock into position

Final Word:

This is a solid case that will clearly show off that you have a BlackBerry PlayBook while keeping it safe and useful. Retailing for around $50 is slightly high in my opinion, but not out of control.