When I got my Torch 9850 the first thing that came to mind was “I need a case for it”. I’m actually not a fan of cases or covers, I think phones look way better without them but the thought of getting scratches or dents on it kills me. I always keep my phone protected so I thought, since I already dislike the idea of using a case, why not get one that would look almost as cool as it looks without it?

The Fishbone Case for BlackBerry Torch 9850 and 9860 is a two part case. The first is a black, silicone skin and the second is a rubberized plastic fishbone back, which comes in different colors. What I really love about this case is how the silicone doesn’t feel loose thanks to the plastic fishbone back, which helps it stabilize the case and keep it in place. While the case feels a little big, I can’t deny it looks pretty cool and the two layer case means double the protection, there is no way my phone is getting is getting any dents now, ha!

The case is very easy to apply and, once you do, it feels like it’s part of the phone. You can get the Fishbone case in black, black and white or black and purple for only $14.99. Head over to the N4BB store (SHOP4BB) and get it! Check out more photos below.

Buy this same case in the N4BB store for only $14.99 >>