With the new laws going into effect around the US, banning the use of a mobile phone without it being hands free; more and more people are turning to Bluetooth solutions for the first time.

I’ve had a small Bluetooth headset for the past few years but that had recently died on me. Wanting to try something new I went for a Bluetooth speakerphone. Of course being a huge BlackBerry fan I opted for the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone. Short Review: it’s great!Not using a headset often outside of the car I thought the speakerphone would be a perfect solution. There is no adjustment to an earpiece or need to find the right size. It sits there in your car at the perfect location to be useful. What I was most looking forward to aside from the obvious feature of the phone integration was the FM transmitter. Being able to use the transmitter now makes my BlackBerry my all in one device. I am able to play music on my phone whilst hearing my GPS directions all through my car’s stereo. When a call comes through it automatically pauses the music and mutes directions so I can clearly make my call.

The speaker on the device is quite clear and can be turned up to a decent volume level without the aid of the FM transmitter. The transmitter power could use a little boost as in my car it can be quite fuzzy. This could also be due to the fact there are hardly any empty stations where I live so it always has to compete with surrounding noise. Having used it in a different car I could also assume that my little car doesn’t have a good enough receiver.

Battery life is good and the device looks sleek. Definietly not something you would mind having in your car. The price is a little steep but you can find one through another retailer for a little less. The added features make it something you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re looking into your first hands free car solution.


Doesn’t have to be worn on your ear
Integrates with all your native BlackBerry apps
FM transmitter
Battery life

FM transmitter can be fuzzy compared to a plugged in cable
Price is a little higher than it probably should be

Final word: I love it and definitely recommend.

N4BB [rating:4.5]

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