Case Mate sent us their latest hardshell Barely There 2 – Black Carbon Fiber case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. I was definitely impressed by the beauty of the case when I first ripped open the packaging. Case Mate did a great job at matching the exact gun metal finish of the Torch. This seemingly made the case blend very well, almost to the point where it truly looked barely there.

If you look at the image above, you almost cannot tell there is a case attached to the Torch. Although the case did add some extra bulk to the Torch, it otherwise had a smooth, comfortable feel to it. The plastic part seemed sturdy for the most part. However, we did experience a break on one of the “bars” going over top of the volume keys. This happened when taking off the case. Despite the small break, our eyes were more attracted to the backside of the case.

Case-Mate did a great job of giving this Torch case an elegant look with the black carbon fiber. It was smooth, still had hard plastic behind it for added protection, and the carbon fiber was near scratch proof.

Included with the case was a screen protector you could apply to the front piece for added protection. Also, a polishing cloth to keep the case’s gun metal looking bright and shiny. Both pieces of the Barley There 2 case were simple and easy to snap in place. Each piece also felt snug, and didn’t come loose when in your pocket or even at times when dropped.

If you’re looking for a nice hardshell case with optimal protection, yet with a stylish look then you’ll love the Case-Mate Barely There 2 with black carbon fiber. You should be as equally happy as I am. Usually, I’ll review a case and then take it right back off. This time, the Case-Mate Barely There 2 is staying on.

N4BB [rating:93/100]

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