Now that thousands of us have our hands on the much anticipated BlackBerry Z10, it’s time to get in to the business of properly protecting and accessorizing them. Take a moment to check out the Zebrawood case from Case-Mate’s Crafted Wood Collection for a classy looking option that you’re sure to love.


The Zebrawood case is nothing if not sharp looking; I’ve been using it for a few days and everyone has commented on how sleek it looks on my Z10. The case itself has a silver plastic edge  that has a metallic look to it, and a back side made from natural wood materials. The contrast of metallic and wood makes the case and your phone a very modern looking device to be carrying around.



The case consists of two pieces, a thin back with a rubber-like material that adds a little bit of cushion should your phone slip out of your hands, and a top portion that covers the rest of the phone. On the top piece, there are slots cut out so you can have easy access to your camera, volume rockers, charging/HDMI ports, and the speaker on the bottom.


Overall, the Zebrawood case is a great looking carrying solution that adds a certain level of sophistication to your phone. I only had two small issues with the case; the volume rockers are a little hard to get to because of the thickness of the top piece of the case, and the metallic looking plastic is just that, plastic. It give the case a slightly cheap feel to it, which is ironic because the case costs $80.

You can purchase the Zebrawood case, and many other great looking cases, from Case-Mate’s website.