“Hey, friend me!” The phrase has become all too common nowadays as social networking sites have become all powerful (and don’t get me started on the fact that befriend is a verb not friend). The most notable of course is Facebook. It seems almost every phone on market today has some way to interact with the site. RIM has had an app available for a while now, but is still lacking in many eyes. One feature many are upset it lacks is the chat service. While maybe RIM is hoping users will use BBM instead, users on the iPhone have Facebook with chat and so BlackBerry users want it too. This has lead to many apps to fill this void and I will be reviewing one such app: Chat on Facebook.

OK, big question first; Does it work? Yes, I’m happy to say that this application does exactly what you want and expect from it while providing a genuine Facebook feel.

Upon start up you will be greeted with login screen. If you haven’t set up a username you can scroll down and log in with your email address. I did experience some lagging and freezing when trying to use the email login screen. Not sure if this was bad luck with my device or an issue with the app. At this point everything looks like it does on your desktop. Green dot means online, little moon for idle.

Chats are clean and easy to read and give to plenty of space for viewing the conversation. Moving amongst chats is fast and easy.

Chat on Facebook comes with notifications that can be customized to your preferences (shown below). This helps make it feel a little more integrated. The popup is quite useful showing the contact’s picture, name and a preview of the message. From there you can open up directly to the chat.


  • Genuine Facebook feel
  • Multiple notification option


  • Battery life struggles
  • Cannot fully close unless logged out
  • Costs $2.99 for something RIM should supply

Final Word: This app does exactly what you expect. There are many other apps that are cheaper or even free. There are other apps that feature Facebook along with a host of other services. So all that being considered. I would highly recommend this app to provide you with all your Chat on Facebook needs.

N4BB [rating:3.5]

For more information or to purchase Chat on Facebook click here.