When I received an email about CubiX I was perplexed as to what could make a seemingly simple game so fun and challenging. Lauded as ‘craziness guaranteed,’ CubiX is a remarkably simple game well worth a download.

All you really need to do is touch the screen and jump the moving cube over many an obstacle. As you progress each level shows off its own style, colors and challenges. The trick of the game is to precisely jump the cube between very small gaps: open windows, upstairs and more. It sounds easy but trust me, the physics at play here are very controlled and you must be on your A-game to progress.


This is, more or less, a game of repetition and as you master each level the developer makes it easier for you to jump in where you left off. Throughout the game you can pin a checkpoint position and and choose where the cube respawns. This is what the developer has dubbed ‘Practice Mode,’ ultimately you’ll want to beat the entire level without needing to respawn.

CubiX is a free game, has 4 different levels and for those that get addicted to the fast paced game play there is  second level pack available as an in app purchase. Obviously if you like the first free pack you’re going to enjoy the challenge of the second.


This game by AgeTDev is loads of fun, built for BlackBerry and free to play. Really no reason not to give it try and test your coordination. The game is supported across all BlackBerry 10 devices as well, so even you Q10 owners get to enjoy.