When our DODOcase for the BlackBerry PlayBook arrived, one of the first things we wondered was “Why the name DODOcase?”. A quick trip to the DODOcase site gave us an answer. As the digital age sees a steady drop in printed literature, traditional bookbinding techniques are becoming more obsolete. In a twist of fate these traditional bookbinding arts are being preserved and even revived in the book’s latest  manifestation. The logo is a bittersweet reminder of the flightless Mauritian Dodo bird that was hunted to extinction in 1681.

Functional and well made, the DODOcase discreetly protected our PlayBook with old school flare. With a design inspired by Moleskine journals, we think that men and women alike will appreciate the clean, no frills aesthetics. The hardcover feels durable and impact resistant, without being overly rugged. Rubberized grips ensure a snug fit in the carved bamboo tablet cradle, which features access to all ports and buttons. Just don’t plan on using your rear-facing camera without a bit of prying on your PlayBook, as there is no camera hole.

Moroccan cloth binds the black cover, but it’s your choice of a black, blue, green, or grey interior. An elastic band seals the deal. The case was easy to clean with the quick wipe of a dry cloth on the faux leather to clean through coffee drips, grimy fingers and a dirty purse.

In a world driven by technology, DODOcase is a nice reality check. Not to mention, simplicity will always be in style. In our first week of review, this already award winning case has come through with flying colors. Needless to say, the future of DODOcase is a bright one as they now put the ‘book’ in PlayBook. Case closed.

For more info or to get your hands on one visit www.dodocase.com