For quite some time now I’ve been looking for a cool app to change my lock screen and the way I unlock my BlackBerry. I tried a few free apps, none of which really worked or are even worth mentioning. Then I got this app as a gift from my fellow editor, Niko, and I must say it’s pretty much everything I was looking for.

Easy Lock Pro is a simple, yet awesome application to change your touch BlackBerry’s lock screen. The app is super easy to use and works great. You can pick one of the backgrounds that come with the app or add a custom using one of the images in your BlackBerry smartphone.  To unlock the screen, you just have to swipe up the image. You’ll see it move up smoothly, so much I was actually very impressed with how smooth it was.

On the lock screen, you’ll see battery and signal info, time, date and notifications. But, nothing is perfect. If you set up a password lock on your BlackBerry, you’ll be asked for the password before showing the lock screen and, sometimes, the it might not even show up. Other than this, the app works smoothly, has no effect on battery and is incredibly easy to use.

Easy Lock Pro is available on the BlackBerry App World for only $0.99, but if you want to try it out first there’s a lite version available too.