Eufloria HD was released for the BlackBerry PlayBook a long time ago, and maybe most of you have already played it but if you haven’t, then you should. With cool graphics, nice music and a gameplay to keep you hooked, Eufloria is a game that every PlayBook owner should at least try. ¬†¬†Here’s our review:

Eufloria HD takes you on missions across galaxies where you have to conquer asteroids by spreading your seedlings throughout them. You’ve got a mother tree to begin the game, this tree grows your seedlings and you use them to move on to new asteroids until you colonize them all. With over 20 levels and different game modes, Eufloria is sure to keep you hooked to your PlayBook.


You can plant a new tree on each asteroid and when they grow, seedling start growing out of them. You need a specific amount of seedling before you can colonize an asteroid, and a lot more if the asteroid is already colonized by the enemy, in which case you might have to gather seedlings from different asteroids to beat them. This is was makes the game fun and challenging.


The first few levels are slow since they are tutorials, they guide you through the game and how it’s played. Once you get past the 10th level, things start getting interesting. The game never gets too complicated, but that does not mean it’s a piece of cake either. Each level has an increased amount of difficulty that’ll help you solve the next without getting frustrated. It’s just the right amount of complicated.


You can set the game to move at your own pace by leaving it at the default speed or speeding it up a bit to make it move faster if you’ve already mastered it. I do wish it could move a bit faster since the first few levels are way too easy and a little repetitive and you sometimes wish you could just skip through them.

Eufloria HD is available for PlayBook and also BlackBerry 10 for just $2.25 on BlackBerry World. I highly suggest you get it and become addicted, now!