Ever since I bought my first BlackBerry I’ve been looking for ways to add new fonts, the ones that come with it are all too similar and, quite frankly, very boring fonts. There are probably a bunch of solutions out there to do this, but a few days ago a happened to come across FontCollection and decided to give it a shot, after all it’s only $0.99 so I had nothing to lose, or at least not much.

What this app does is it lets you install .tff font files on your BlackBerry and use them as the System font. The application couldn’t be easier to use, you download the fonts to your PC, save them on your microSD card and the app automatically recognizes them. The app uses BIS and/or Wifi to refresh the font list, so when you connect the list is loaded with the fonts the application includes, plus the ones you have locally saved on your microSD card.

After you install the fonts it prompts a screen where you choose whether you wanna change the current font to the newly installed one or not. If you choose no, you can always find and change your fonts to your newly installed ones like you normally would: Options -> Screen/Keyboard.

There are several different modes in which the list can be displayed: compact, normal and full. It also includes a filter where you can choose what type of fonts you would like to see in the list, just to make it easier for you to choose.

I did have a problem with the app where it would not connect when using BIS so the font list in the app wouldn’t load, in which case I had to manually install the fonts by looking them up on the microSD card through “Install TFF” option in the menu. This isn’t a really a problem, though I’m sure to some it can be annoying, but you can probably live with that. If this happens all you have to do is connect to a Wifi hotspot when you get a chance and the font list will load.

After the fonts are installed, they can be uninstalled if you change your mind about a font. Keep in mind not all fonts will work correctly on your BlackBerry, some might look too big, others too small, some might not show special characters and such. Make sure you don’t choose some weird Chinese font or you probably won’t be able to understand what you type.

Check out the screenshots below:


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Doesn’t take up too much space (only 10kbs)
  • Cheap


  • Needs Internet connection to work correctly (I don’t understand why, it shouldn’t)
  • Font list might never load on BIS

So to sum up, there’s not much to say about this app, it does what it does and it does it great. For $0.99 it is definitely worth having!


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[rating: 4]