Since I was a young boy Formula 1 racing was a big part of my weekends. Who could ever forget the epic battles of Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill? With the release of the new F1 time app (also available for the PlayBook) I decided to do a review but unfortunately with BBW and BBjam10 on full swing I couldn’t find the time. Lucky for us all our good friend and N4BB community member Urbanglowcam stepped up to the plate and did a review for us. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Since 2010, Soft Pauer Limited, a small company based out of the UK was given the rights to develop the Official Formula 1 Timing App. It was initially released for the iOS platform. Later it was released for Android. As you might have guessed, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 have been left out of the fun. BlackBerry has had timing apps that functioned fairly well. However, for the 2012 F1 season, Soft Pauer has generously released their Official F1 2012 Timing App in BlackBerry App World for a hefty $19.99.

Being built on an old Java platform, one would imagine that the BlackBerry version of the app could not match the rich features of the more modern Android or iOS counterparts. While this holds true, it holds its own in several ways. Fortunately, Soft Pauer saw the value in releasing a BlackBerry app despite the recent growth in the Windows Marketplace. It’s most likely due to the demand internationally with Formula 1 being so prevalent. BlackBerry still has a strong presence throughout the world, even as they transition to BlackBerry 10. Now to the app..

Once it’s downloaded and started, it will begin to automatically download updates to the app. After the updates, you will be presented with the main live leaderboard. The track location will be automatically selected using your data service and detect which practice, qualifying, or race session is currently going on. You will typically be given an alert to say when the next session will occur or which is currently taking place. Information like driver position, tyre, lap time, gaps, and sector times are presented in real time and pulled from the official F1 data center. There is a ticker at the bottom with up to date highlights as well as a race timer and lap indicator.

If there is not a current session, the app will go into demo mode where the app runs as a simulated occurrence of a race in every regard. Race packs can be downloaded to view the desired race session after they are completed.

Navigating to different areas of the app for more information just takes a press of the BlackBerry key and selecting the desired section. This includes full timing, map, info, news, and setup. The full timing goes more into depth for each driver currently with specific gap times, sector timing, pit stop count, and laps completed.