Ever had any problem waking up in the morning for work? Well, of course you have, we all have. I always wonder why is it so hard to wake up and so easy to hit the snooze button. I came accross this pretty cool app for the PlayBook that might help you wake up on time for work. Get Set, Get Up is a nice alarm clock app with a bunch of cool features that will make your PlayBook  your perfect nightstand companion.

First thing you do with the app is, obviously, setup your alarm for whenever you need to wake up. The application lets you choose a total snooze time, which is the divided into several intervals of time with increasingly shorter snooze periods, before the total time is up. You can also setup a custom ringtone or voice note for your alarm, as well as a message that’ll show up when the snoozing starts.

There’s one little detail that you might either love or hate. The snooze time you set is for BEFORE the time you want to wake up, so if you set it to 20 minutes, you’d be getting snoozes 20 minutes before the time you set the alarm to. This featured I found awesome because there’s only so many times you can snooze your alarm, and snoozing after the time you have to wake up isn’t helping much. You will eventually get tired, or annoyed by all the snoozing, and end up waking up on time.

You can set the backlight so that the glare won’t bother while you’re sleeping by sliding up and down in the main app screen. In the options menu the time can be set to 12h or 24h, and other useful settings such as volume and language are available too.

As shown in the screenshot above, the app lets you choose between analog and digital clock and shows a small red line at the time the alarm is set to.

There’s a light option when you slide from the top down that changes the screen to a full yellowish color that you can use as a lamp when you wake up and the lights are out, which I thought was very useful.

This is how the "Light" feature looks like when on.

In conclusion, this application takes alarm clock to another level and is definitely worth it. It will garantee you will get to work on time. It’s available now in App World for only $1.99, get it here.