You may have seen the newly released Google Nexus One phone and may have thought it looked cool. Good thing you don’t have to leave your BlackBerry to get a similar feel. The guys at JMal and AHaz Designs were hard at work to build a nifty theme called BeNexus.

The BeNexus theme brings an interesting feature that is unfamiliar in any other theme we have seen. On the main home screen there is a Google search bar. We found this very, very useful, quick, and efficient (especially now that Verizon only gives us Bing in the default browser). There is a minor issue with the display when you go to make an entry in the search bar, but this is only with Storm versions due to those devices’ OS and portrait keyboard. Nevertheless, once you’ve made your search entry and click enter it fires up your Google search quickly in the default browser.

In the Storm versions there is the ability to slide to an additional set of 8 icons on the home screen as well as slide to a blank space (in case you want to show off your wallpaper). If you slide all the way to the left it takes you to a “lock” screen where you have to click on the lock button to return to the home screen.
Similar to JMal and AHaz Designs ‘BeDroid’ theme (for the Storm versions), you can click on the right side of the screen to pull up about info on your device. Here it shows your device’s temperature, your pin, battery life percentage, and more. If you click on the left side of the screen it pulls up your sound profiles.
JMal and AHaz Designs have really brought another premium theme to the market with BeNexus. All of the icons are crisp and clear (we especially liked the Nexus One ‘X’ when selecting an icon 😀 ). We could not find any memory leaks, which makes this theme run fluid and quick. The overall feel of the theme is as close as a BlackBerry user will get, unless they buy a Nexus One phone, but you know they shouldn’t want to do that!

Buy BeNexus Theme for $3.99 Until January 19th! >>