When I initially heard of the Hyberpad, by Bishop Scientifics, I had mixed feelings. At first the Hyberpad seemed more like a novelty, rather than a practical accessory. All of this changed once I was finally able to put a Hyberpad to use. The sole purpose of the Hyberpad is to conserve battery life and control your BlackBerry’s notification behavior by keeping it in “hybernation”.

The Hyberpad uses a unique magnetic technology to make your BlackBerry sleep. By using Neodymium magnets within the pad, it interacts with your BlackBerry’s Hall effect magnetic sensor, and puts your beloved BlackBerry to sleep until you pick it up and off of the pad. The Hyberpad basically acts as a holster and limits the behavior of the BlackBerry.

The Aesthetics:
The Hyberpad is composed of real leather that is finely stitched together. The shape is just slightly bigger than your BlackBerry so it can cover every corner. It isn’t too large where it would look ridiculous sitting on your desk. The Hyberpad is very thin and weighs about the same as a CD. It is also very flexible, which makes it hard to damage, but wouldn’t recommend bending it too much.

When you purchase a Hyberpad you also receive a velour carrying pouch. The pouch is available in three different colors; Royal blue, executive black, and chocolate brown. The carrying pouch is velour, which makes it have a velvet feel, and is light as a feather. The pouch really helps to keep your BlackBerry and the Hyberpad together while you travel. This way you save optimal battery life where ever you go.

Is it practical?
Yes. There are three magnets within the Hyberpad. This makes it so there is not a top, bottom, or correct side to use. As long as you’ve relatively lined up your BlackBerry anywhere and on any side of the Hyberpad it will work. Your BlackBerry will wake up immediately as soon as you pick it back up.

What is one of the most beneficial uses (besides saving battery life) was the ability to filter out notifications. By changing a few of your settings in your BlackBerry’s options you can determine whether you would like to filter or permit text messages, e-mails, social networking alerts, vibrations, and instant messaging alerts.

It is also possible to auto-answer phone calls when you pick up your BlackBerry from the Hyberpad and automatically end the call once you place your BlackBerry back down onto the Hyberpad. This was very convenient and eliminated a few steps between a call and putting your BlackBerry back in hibernation.

While you could say hitting the lock or “power down” button does the same thing to conserve battery life, that is true. However, the purpose of the Hyberpad is to give you the same user defined behavior you get with a holster. Of course, the Hyberpad frees up your BlackBerry, making it a solid alternative to a holster.


The Hyberpad works with all BlackBerry models, except the Pearl Flip (it doesn’t have a Hall sensor). The Hyberpad is designed for OS 5.0, but still works with older OS versions. The Hyberpad really is a nice little accessory to have around the office, home, or anywhere you go. It kept up with my busy, fast-paced life and didn’t slow me down. In fact, I am certain it helped increase my productivity.

For more information on the Hyberpad by Bishop Scientifics or how to purchase for $14.95 + free shipping, click here.