Our device’s battery life has always been important for most, or all, users. We’re always ready to get recharged with a battery pack or charger. To those who travel and find themselves in their cars a lot, we’ve got the iClever 3-port USB charger, and these are our thoughts.

The iClever IC-CC06 from Hisgadget is a 3-port USB car charger. It has a total output of 5V and 6.6A, spreado across three different ports: two 2.1A and one 2.4A. Usually 2.1A is enough to charge your device at a normal speed, but if the device support 2.4A it’ll do it faster.

With these three ports you’ll have enough space to charge your smartphone, a tablet, and maybe a friend or family’s device, all without having to worry about it slowing down your charge.


The iClever IC-CC06 uses SmartID techonology, which recognizes your device and charges it to the fastest speed supported by the device, up to 2.4A. This means your device will charge at the fastest speed possible, without risking it being overheated, overcharged or getting any high voltage.

When it comes to design, the charger takes almost no more space than needed. It’s even smaller the my previous two port charger, by almost half the size.

The iClever IC-CC06 is available for just $12 at the moment of this article, and it’s worth every cent.