When it comes to headphones, I always look at two thing: comfort and sound quality. There are so many headphones out there and sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. That’s where reviews come in, and we have reviewed the iClever IC-BTH02 bluetooth headphones.

The iClever IC-BTH02 are sports bluetooth headphones that can work with any bluetooth device. They come with bluetooth 4.1, a micro USB cable to charge the device and some extra ear attachments to fit any user.


These were a little bigger than I thought for in-ear headphones and it worried me a little because I thought they might be heavy, or that they could fall out easily when running or exercising. To my surprise, they were actually quite light. With the help of the ear attachments, they fit perfectly and don’t come off even when running.

On the right earbud you’ll find the power button, which will also light up with a blue LED light when it’s connected, or blue and red when it pairing mode. On the edge are two buttons that work as volumen and skip. The left earbud has the micro USB port used to charge the device.


The iClever IC-BTH02 are noise-cancelling headphones, and they do a very good job at it. Even with no sound, you can barely hear a thing when you put these on. They also have built-in mic that will let you make and receive calls.

When it comes to these type of headphones, I always seem to be disappointed by the same thing: volumen. But these can get so loud it’ll hurt. The sound quality is also very good, clear crisp sound with nice bass.

With these headphones you can get up to 7 hours of music and up to 5 hours of calls. There are other out there that will get you probably up to 10, but you won’t have a problem with these when it comes to battery life. Regular users will be finding themselves charging these once a week.

The iClever IC-BTH02 are available on Amazon for just $27, and they are worth it.