I’ve used a bunch of stands before with my laptop. They help you place your laptop in a certain angle and at a certain height so it’s easier to work on it. The Inateck offers a universal stand that works for most laptops called the iStand; these are my impressions.

The iStand is made of a 4mm thick aluminum, and matches the design of Apple’s Macbook laptops, which looks quite nice. The stand comes in two pieces, which you need to attach together with a joint that also comes with it. It’s got some silicone pads that keep the stand from moving from it’s position, and the laptop from sliding down. It also has a couple extra silicone pads in case you need them.


You’ll be able to use laptop sizes from 11 inches to 17 inches with this stand without any problem. Even if the laptop is heavy, it’ll stay still and not slide. Just be sure you put it on the stand correctly, or it might slide. For this thing to break, you’d have to really want to break it.

If you’re worried about it moving when you’re typing, don’t. This thing won’t move or bend at all, assuming the joint is tightly and correctly placed. It might seem like it’s too high, but you’ll actually notice it’s much more comfortable to stare straight at your laptop than having to look down or up. Typing on your laptop with the stand is also quite comfortable.

Though I didn’t read it was meant to be used that way, you could also opt to use it without the bottom half of the stand, though that’s not going to look nearly as cool as it does with both parts.

The joint that keeps both parts together has a big hole in the middle, which you can use to put cables through it and make everything look much more organized in case you have cables being in the middle.

To sum up, this is by far the best stand I have ever used, and if you’re looking for something to make working on your laptop more comfy, while also looking good, then this is what you want to get. If you have a Macbook, you’ll love the matching brushed aluminum design.

The iStand is available on Amazon for approximately $40.