Buying a laptop case is very important. There are so many options and types to fit your needs and keep your laptop safe. We have been trying out Inateck’s simple black sleeve, choosen from a wide variety of options in their protection line. If you’re looking for something to carry your laptop in, but want to keep it simple, check out our thoughts on this one.

When carrying a laptop, if you’re looking for something light that won’t be too bulky or keep too much space, you would normally look for a sleeve. Inateck offers a simple, black sleeve that can fit laptops from 8, 10, 13-13.3, 14 and 15-15.4 inches. It can fit MacBooks without any problem, given you the right size of sleeve.

This sleeve is made of very soft fleece fabric lining and a layer of foam padding, which helps absorb any bumps your laptop might accidentally get. The description of this case says “exterior canvas woven of the case with black color gives you a dignified sense of business” and it’s no lie. This case looks great, and it’s perfect for carrying your work laptop to meetings.

You can tell by just looking at it that the quality of the case is great. I’m picky when it comes to these things, I usually notice right away if there are loose threads, or if something isn’t perfectly straight. I’ll say, they took their time with this sleeve and it looks awesome. Also, it comes with a cleaning cloth to keep your screen fingerprint free.


The name pretty much says it all, but a sleeve isn’t meant to put much other than your laptop, charger some papers. The sleeve has a main zipper, where you would put your laptop in, and second one on the front, where you can put your charger, maybe a notebook, some pens, etc. I have an old Dell Inspiron, my charger takes up much more space than a MacBook’s charger but I was able to fit it in too. It can’t fit in laptops using hard shell cases, you could maybe force it in but you’d be forcing it. If it breaks, it’s on you.

You can get the Inateck simple black sleeve for $10-$13, depending on the size. They’re all available on Amazon.