Protection is one of the first things I take care of when I get a new gadget. A nice case that will both protect my device and also make it look nice. The Inateck Kindle Paperwhite sleeve does exactly that.

The sleeve holds the device and protects it while it’s inside. It’s made of thick felt that can absorb shock, so you can be sure it will keep the device safe from a low fall or any scratches. It has a strap with leather on the end, and velcro to keep the device from falling out. When you pull on the strap, it helps push the Kindle out of the sleeve so you can grab it easily, which I thought was pretty cool.

As a plus, this case is also environmentally friendly. It uses a synthetic fibre that has no metal, no plastic and is renewable and biodegradable. It also looks very good, and feels quite soft.

You’ll be able to use the Inateck Kindle Paperwhite sleeve with any version of the Paperwhite, from 2012 to the latest 2015 version. So if you’re looking for a good, light and nice looking case for your Kindle, check this one out! It’s only $13 on Amazon.