When working out, we want to make sure we are as comfortable as possible and that absolutely nothing gets in the way, whether you’re running, lifting weights or any other type of routine. Most people usually some important thing with them when they go our for a run or to the gym, such as their phone, keys, some ID and such. You could wear a sports band for your phone, but carrying an extra bag or case for all the other stuff can be uncomfortable.

The Inateck sweatproof waist band provides a solution that can hold all your stuff in while also being able to hide under your clothes. This waist band has two compartments, one that can fit small thing such as your ID, keys or earbuds, and a bigger one for you phone and other things.

It’s made of┬áspandex-lycra material, so it can stretch to fit any sized phone and other things. It has an elastic band that can fit most body sizes so anyone can use it without it being too tight or too loose and jumpy. The material is also sweatproof, so your things are safe from getting wet and possibly damaged by the sweat.

Once thing I really liked is that it hides very well under your clothes, you could hardly tell that there was anything under it (if your clothes aren’t too tight, of course. It also doesn’t feel sticky or weird when you sweat.

The flourescence green waist belt has an extra plus, it reflects like so when running out at night you won’t have to worry about cars not being able to see you.

I absolutely recommend this and not just for workouts. You can use it if you’re travelling, walking around much and don’t want to have to carry your things in your pocket or a bag. It also helps keep it safe from thieves.

The Inateck waist band is available in both black and flourescence green for just $13 on Amazon.