When you’re constantly searching online, reading news, checking Twitter or other social networks then you’ve probably come across something you wanted to read, but was in a language you don’t speak. Language is no longer a limitation, thanks to apps such as iTranslator PRO that make translating fast, easy and accurate.

iTranslator PRO is a cool translation app created by TrustBe and available for BlackBerry 10, very simple to use and straightforward. You can choose from over 50 languages to translate from and to.


There are three buttons at the bottom of the app. New query deletes any translation you were doing so that you can make a new one. Languages lets you choose which language to translate from and to.


History shows all the translations you’ve done, which I think is a pretty cool feature this way you don’t need to translate the same thing twice, you can just see it in the History.


iTranslator has another cool feature called Instant Translation, which is very similar to Instant Search on Google. It basically translates everything as you type. It’s fast and does a very accurate, would say even perfect translation.


If you’re constantly finding yourself translating stuff, and even if you don’t, I highly recommend this app. It is available for BlackBerry OS 5 and higher, including BlackBerry 10. For only $1.50 it’s definitely worth having.