Bluetooth technology has been around for years, and there’s always a new headset being released for you to pair to your phone. Jabra has released a new accessory that combines a minimalist design and great battery life that is certain to please its users.

What is it?

The Jabra Style is the latest Bluetooth headset from the award winning company. It has all the features you would expect from a modern Bluetooth headset, including 4.0  and music streaming support, as well as the ability to pair with your phone using Near Field Communications. The Style has a sleek design that is modern and minimalist and looks every bit the part of a piece of top of the line technology.

The Good

While I myself am not exactly a big fan of Bluetooth headset, I’ve enjoyed using the Jabra Style because of how comfortable it is. The headset comes with two different ear pieces. One rests on your ear while the other goes inside. When using the former, there is a removable hook that goes over your ear so the headset will stay in place. I switched to the inner ear because the ear hook wasn’t meshing well with my glasses. After a few minutes I received a call and the headset started chiming in my ear and actually scared me a little because I forgot it was there. Funny.


Not only does the Style work with phone calls, but it also streams whatever audio you have playing on your phone. This is great for someone who works at a desk all day and doesn’t want to use conventional headphones to listen to music or secretly watch a video on their phone.

The battery life on the Style is pretty good, with the headset lasting pretty much all day, with some music, video and phone calls interspersed throughout. Jabra claims the headset will get a full charge in about two hours, and I found this to be true.

The Bad

There’s a reason I don’t really like Bluetooth headsets, and the Style, while a great device, did not really change my opinion on them. Yes, I forgot the headset was there after a few minutes, but after about an hour, I took the headset out and realized that my ear lobe hurt. Now when I use it, I frequently switch ears to ease the annoying pain that I feel. This could of course be remedied by using the earpiece that doesn’t go in, but then I would need to put the removable ear hook back on, and as I stated, that did not agree with my glasses.

One of my other long standing issues with Bluetooth headsets is the poor sound quality. The Style does not have any volume buttons, but Jabra claims that there is a new technology in it that automatically adjusts volume based on your surroundings. Sadly, I didn’t notice any difference in volume when I switched to a louder environment. I did, however, control the volume from my phone, but this did not really help any. The sound quality just isn’t that great.


The same goes for people on the other end; they could hear me just fine, but they still could tell I was using a Bluetooth headset. The audio problems worsened when the battery was low on the headset.

Should I buy it?

If you’re in the market for a sleek and modern looking Bluetooth, the Jabra Style is a great choice for you. While it didn’t change my general opinions on the type of device it is, the Style is still a good device that fans of headset will thoroughly enjoy. Check out Jabra’s website for more information on the Style, and head over to Amazon where you can purchase it for $49.99.