Middlemind Games released a couple of weeks ago a cool new coloring app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you’ve got kids or, like me, just really like to color then you probably looked for an app like this to find that there weren’t many options. This might just be what you were looking for.  Here’s my review of the app:

Kids’ Cute and Cuddly Coloring Book is just that, a coloring book for the BlackBerry PlayBook but it’s got some cool features that will keep your kids, or you (we don’t judge) entertained. There’s a music feature where you can have kids music play in the background while you color. You can also turn this off if it starts to annoy you since it is only one song in an eternal loop. I hope to see a feature to add new music on a future release.

The app comes loaded up with 5 different coloring books, each include up to 6 different drawings. This coloring book app is much like a real coloring book because if you can draw over the lines. This is something I also which could be fixed since it would look a lot better with the lines, but you can still have a pretty awesome picture.  You can save your picture to work in later or share it.

When you’re in a drawing, you can select from three different pencils, each one thicker than the other, to help you draw little or big things. You’ll also get different sets of 24 colors. This feature I really loved because you have basically any possible color you would want and have a pretty unique picture. There’s the traditional colors, pastel, neon craze and darkness.


For the more creative ones, you get a sketch pad so you can draw and color your own, original work. There are three background colors for the sketch pad: white, black and blue. And the last feature, which I really liked as well, was a frame pack where you can draw and color adding a frame to your drawing.

The application is very complete, there’s isn’t much more you can ask of a coloring book and this one has more than one would normally expect. You can get a lite version for free if you want to try it out before you buy it, and full version for only $1.99.