Of the thousands of games on the BlackBerry PlayBook, it’s so hard to choose just one. But we did. This game is called “MatchUP I” by TrustBe, and it’s perfect to keep the audio levels from your kids to a minimum while in the car, plane, or waiting room. It’s a simple Matching game where you try to match two identical tiles from an array of face-down tiles. Easy enough? I know we’ve seen this type of game before, but no two are ever alike. Let’s take a deeper look!

The interface is clean, friendly and simple, perfect for kids. You’ll be greeted with a green menu screen where you can choose between 8 equivalent themes. You can choose between “Beach stuff, animals, weird tooth-shaped monsters, a brown rabbit, Halloween monsters, sheep, pumpkins, and ridiculously happy horseshoe-shaped guys”. The graphics are crisp and detailed. The backs of the cards have a simple cartoon landscape pattern on them.

The beach theme is the easiest as all the items are very different and familiar. Some themes might be borderline scary, which might be something the big kids might like. The pumpkin theme is tough as all the pumpkins look very similar.

There are no fancy transitions but at least everything is very quick. The wood background is nice and comforting and the scoreboard comes across as a familiar chalkboard. Overall, the graphics are good and detailed.

By touching a tile, it flips and stays face-up until your next selection. If you guess wrong, those two tiles return face-down. If you guess right and have a match, they remain face-up and greyed out slightly. As an added bonus, you hear a kid saying “YEA!”. I’m sure kids love this sound and should get them to play more. You’ll also see a small message at the top left that reads “Ohh, wrong…”, “Great shot!!!” or “Playing…” depending on if you just guessed wrong, guessed right or selected only one tile, respectively. There’s also a satisfying “click” sound when flipping a tile.

You get timed and the number of times you flipped a tile is counted. Once finished, you get a score from 1 to 5 stars. I usually get three stars. Pretty sad for a kids game eh? At least it’s difficult to get less than that though. It doesn’t work in portrait mode, but for young kids, this is a good thing. You can also change the theme during a game, but this also resets the game. You can also reset the game from the top right “Play New Game” button.

For a very reasonable $0.99 (on sale for a limited time), this game can be yours…or your kids if you never managed to get your PlayBook back. Young kids need a game that is easy to play and accessible, which is exactly what this game is. I consider it a solid buy at this price. Plus, the peace and quiet you get in the car is priceless.


Buy MatchUP I for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $0.99 in BlackBerry App World here.