After the release of this popular title at BlackBerry World Conference 2012, Lara Croft has made her way to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS platform with  a new installment, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. This is a third person gaming experience that contains PlayBook worthy graphics, a great  storyline and it delivers a great game play experience. Square Enix has delivered a great game for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The Guardian of Light opens up with great visual HD graphics that start to engulf you in the story as to the reason why Lara Croft has taken on this  adventure. Even the actual game play graphics are great. At the start of the first level you are given a introduction as to how to move and manipulate  Lara and her weapons, easy. As you go deeper into these ruins you are met with more difficult challenges and you make contact with these creatures.  The game doesn’t leave you on your own to figure things out, you are give reminders as to what to do in certain situations and how to get through each  level. This game also challenges your skills with puzzles before allowing you to progress further into the game.

As I mentioned before, the graphics for this game are amazing. The visuals used to tell the story, and the actual game play graphics are stunning. The  developers, Square Enix have done a great job at maintaining a the graphical aspect of the game. It’s not only at the start of the game, but throughout  your game play you are introduced to cut-scenes to continue unveiling the story to you.

The game controls are good, but they can be better. The only issues that I saw with the joystick style touch controller is the changing and use of  different weapons in Lara’s artillery, and always having to keep looking down to see where the jump button was. As far as navigating through the game, it couldn’t be any easier. The controller is just the righ fit for this style game. You don’t lose any visual space and yet your able to get through  each level with the easy navigation controls. Another feature is the bird’s eye view gaming style. This style let’s you take advantage of your  surrounding and is easy to see where you are going.

In the end, the game play, storyline, and great HD graphics fit for a PlayBook makes this new take on the Lara Croft installment a great choice to  download on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light can be downloaded for $3.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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