The BlackBerry Z10 is nearly out in every market around the world. Accessories manufacturers are now chomping at the bit to get new Z10 owners to purchase their 3rd party products.

The latest accessory for the BlackBerry Z10 comes from Mapi. Their Nais leather belt case has recently been released, which features an executive vibe.


The Mapi Nais leather belt case is composed of 100% european leather. The quality is quite sturdy with its edges held in place by buttonhole stitching.

The inside of the Mapi Nais leather belt case is composed of microfiber, which gives it a faux suede feel and adds soft protection to the Z10.

The BlackBerry Z10 had a nice snug fit in the Mapi Nais leather belt case, but it wasn’t too tight of a fit. Just the right fit so the Z10 will not move around too much within the case.


The case has a belt clip, which swivels 360 degrees. The clip itself feels very well built. The swivel mechanism feels of hard plastic and clasps into place with each turn.

Once attached to your belt, the Mapi Nais leather belt case doesn’t move around at all. The belt clip firmly held the case in place.


A concealed magnet keeps the case clasped shut. The strength of the magnet is fairly good and effectively gets the job done. Once clasped the opening flap did not come loose.

The Map Nais leather belt case really has no faults. However, it did present an interesting “which way does it go in” scenario. Naturally, I wanted to position the Z10 within the case so the audio jack was visible.


I also thought the opening on the side of the case was for the volume keys.


Apparently, this was the incorrect way to insert the BlackBerry Z10. As, you can see it would only give you access to the volume down key.

I had to double check Mapi’s website to see if they presented the proper way. The correct way given is to insert the BlackBerry Z10 in the opposite direction, thereby only giving you access to the charging port.

While that’s fine, it would make more sense to have had proper access to the audio jack and volume keys. The case is meant to be taken on the go. I hardly think you’ll need access to the charging port while out and about.


All in all, I have been quite satisfied with Mapi’s Nais leather belt case. For those who enjoy a belt case, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The Nais is available in three different colors: black, brown, and the clay brown pictured in this review. You can get this 100% leather case for the reasonable price of $40.