When I got my Torch 9850 my good friend and fellow editor Niko gave me Photo Studio PRO as a BB7 welcoming gift, a pretty awesome gift I must say. If you like taking photos with your BlackBerry and editing them on the go, this should definitely be one of your top choices. Photo Studio PRO lets you add effects to your photos, giving you a wide range of photo effects.

You can also manually adjust settings such as brightness, color, contrast and others. But that’s not it! Photo Studio PRO also includes a large selection of frames that you can add to your photos to make them look a lot cooler. Who needs Photoshop with apps like this one?

You also have the option to download add-on packs of frames and effects so you can go bananas with your BlackBerry.

There are three icons for this app, Photo Studio Editor, where you can add effects and customize the settings of your photos; Photo Studio Camera, for taking photos and applying effects immediately; and Photo Studio PicFrames, for adding frames to your photos. I don’t see why there are two different icons for effects and frames since they are on the same place, but I also don’t see why this should be a problem.

I have tried several apps like this one but it is by far the most complete BlackBerry photo editing app available. There’s just too much you can do with it, and it is so incredibly easy to use. You might want to take it easy on the customizing though; the more settings you change the longer it takes to save the image.

No app is great if the price is too high, considering all you can do with this app I would say the $3.99 price tag is pretty fair. There’s also a free version you can download and try out before buying the PRO version, but if you’re willing to spend to the money without trying it first I can confidently say GO FOR IT. Below are some sample photos with effects and frames.

I give Photo Studio PRO a 4.5/5 rating.

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