I live in America, where soccer (or football, if you prefer) is not exactly the most popular sport. Sometimes it’s hard to stay up to date on your favorite league, team, or player. Thankfully there’s a newly updated app in BlackBerry World that will keep you tuned in to everything happening in several soccer leagues from all over the world. That app is Soccer Ticker by PT Inspira.


Soccer Ticker is the one app to rule them all when it comes to soccer updates. Users can check on the scores of past games, view schedules for upcoming games, stay connected with the players by viewing their tweets. This is only a fraction of what this feature rich application does. Let’s break down a few more of this app’s features.



After first downloading the app, and creating an account and signing in, you’re taken to the Matches screen. From here, you can view a list of the most recent games and their scores, as well as the schedules for upcoming games. Selecting a game with the tiny “Free” icon takes you to the Ticker of that game. From here, you can choose to receive alerts from the app, follow along with progress live, view stats, and even invite contacts to follow along the game with you.



From here, the users can view a stream of highlights from recent games. Tapping one of the photos takes you to a summary of what occurred. While viewing the story, users can press the overflow menu and choose to share the story via BBM, Facebook, Twitter, or even to set it as your BBM status. Selecting Twitter at the top of the screen will take you to a stream the most current tweets from different teams in the league you have selected.



From here, users can review the schedules and outcomes from this month to several months back. Select standing, and you can see which team has the best record. Leaderboard allows you to see the top three players who have scored the most goals or has the most assists.


Overflow Menu

Pressing the overflow menu from anywhere in the app allows you to choose which league you would like to view. Another great feature, and probably my favorite in the app, is the ability to send a message to one of your BBM contacts from pretty much anywhere in the app. Press the overflow menu and select BBM Chat and you’re taken directly to your contacts. Select whom you want to message, type out your message, and then one quick swipe and you’re back in the app. I almost wish this feature was built into every app. It’s like the convenience of the Hub, without actually getting into the Hub.

Should I download it?


Even if you only remotely like watching Soccer, this is a pretty necessary app to own. Since the app is free and only 7 MB, you really have no other reason to acquire it. Head on over to BlackBerry World and get it today!