Convertible Case, Vaja Leather Book & Dodo Case

The PlayBook has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of tech in my current line up. While there are shortcomings with the lack of quality apps and native PIM features; those will be coming and will complete the experience. What makes it my top toy is how powerful it is and that it communicates to my number 1 tool, my BlackBerry. But those features just wouldn’t be as important if the PlayBook itself wasn’t ultra portable. That being said I look to keep it safe as I take it practically everywhere. We have already taken a look at the standard BlackBerry Convertible Case as well as the stylish Dodo Case; for our next look at a case we opted to give a look at something with a little more flair, the Vaja Leather Book for BlackBerry PlayBook.


I’ve had this case now for a few days and have kept it on my PlayBook without wanting to switch it out for another. From the moment I took this case out of the box I was blown away with the quality. The leather is soft but durable and the stitching is very tight. The front cover is padded to give a nice feel along with added protection for the screen. Compared to the other book style cases I’ve used, the Vaja Leather Book adds little bulk. Any pocket in which I was able to fit the PlayBook was still able to hold it with this case on.


Dodo Case, Vaja Leather Book & BlackBerry Convertible Case

Having a few different cases I have discovered a few things that are important to me: 1. I want the case to stay closed. 2. I want the front to fold all the way back smoothly. 3. I like the added feature of being able to keep the PlayBook in a position for better viewing/typing. This case provides me with all those features and does so while looking absolutely stellar.

My only serious complaint is the lack of protection on the top of the PlayBook. While the sides, back and front are all given some level of protection; this area is left completely bare. I would have liked something to keep that edge safe from bumps, but ultimately this is the only thing about this case that disappoints.

There are currently two options for this case; the black and red version that is available for immediate shipment, or you can customize your own with 18 color options for the exterior, 28 options for the interior and even 5 choices for the elastic band.


  • Quality leather
  • Incredibly thin
  • Beautifully built


  • No protection on top edge

Final Word:

This is the nicest case I have tried for any or my electronic devices. Providing me with all my wants in a case, I couldn’t be happier with it. With the price at $180 its hard to swallow for most, but you simply will not be able to find a more luxurious, functional case.


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N4BB [Rating:4.5]