In an effort to keep up with the content offered on other tablets, the PlayBook has been outfitted with a video store. Following the style of the old App World found on PlayBook 1.0 (except it’s in yellowish-orange), it has tabs at the top for Featured, Movies, TV Shows, Library, Downloads, and Wish List. Before everyone gets too excited, I feel it’s important to mention that if you’re not in US, you won’t know that the video store actually exists.

The average price for a movie rental is about $3.99. Buying movies is naturally more expensive at about $10-$20 per movie. There are quite a few popular movie titles and TV shows that you’ll recognize. If you’re looking for something in specific though, don’t get your hopes up. You can search by actor/actress, title, director, writer, or keyword.

Movies and TV shows are sorted into categories on the left.

You also can introduce parental controls.

You’ll have to create an account separate from your BlackBerry ID and register your credit card as well. Given that virtually all PlayBook owners have a BlackBerry ID already which can be tied to your credit card, it seems strange that a separate video store account would be necessary.

Now, I’m not going to devote the rest of this section to bashing the quality of the video store. I will simply commend the effort RIM has taken to introduce content onto the PlayBook’s platform, because it’s honestly a decent offering. It now has its own music store, video store and I personally wasn’t expecting the PlayBook to present a content solution to rival the best out there. The selection isn’t what you would call extensive, and the prices aren’t what you would call competitive, and it’s not meant to compete head-to-head with Netflix, Google Play or Apple’s Store, nor will it anytime soon.

I will finish by saying that the interface is fairly easy to use and a good start for the new BlackBerry platform. The selection isn’t any worse than Netflix, which rarely seemed to have the movie I wanted to see. However, I personally wouldn’t use it unless the prices become more competitive or you can move purchased media to another platform. And since I live in Canada, RIM’s made that decision for me.

Thanks to Robbie for helping out with the Video Store review!