When it comes to choosing the best screen protector or phone wrap, it can be overwhelming. There are many companies to sift through to decide which screen protector will be the best choice. We’ve taken the newest screen protector to hit the market by Wrapsol and put it up against a juggernaut like ZAGG.

We chose to test the Wrapsol screen protector on a BlackBerry Torch. We were pretty glad there was a screen protector available for the Torch 9800, as many companies still haven’t produced compatible products for RIM’s flagship device. The screen protector came in simple packaging with easy to read instructions that had small visual diagrams for applying the screen protector. Included was the screen protector, flimsy squeegee, hand wipes, and a cloth to clean your screen before applying the screen protector.

What we liked about the Wrapsol screen protector

  • The cut was a perfect match for the Torch 9800’s screen
  • Strength was close to ZAGG’s invisible shield, mild scratches seemed to go away
  • Small bubbles really did work themselves out after 24hrs
  • Helped reduce fingerprint marks and glare from sunlight

What we did not like about the Wrapsol screen protector

  • Attracted dust
  • Squeegee was a little too flimsy
  • Screen wipe cloth didn’t work too well, unless you gave it some good elbow grease
  • Hand wipes did not help diminish finger print marks when applying screen protector

The Wrapsol screen protector was not the easiest to apply without getting a lot of bubbles. This was probably due to the squeegee being too flimsy and soft. In fact, a credit card worked best for us. If you’ve ever applied a ZAGG invisible shield, you should be familiar with the spray they give you, which helps activate the adhesive and reduce your finger print marks when applying. Wrapsol should have used a similar spray instead of their hand wipes, as it did not keep your fingers from leaving prints. A spray may have also helped with reducing any dust from getting attracted and sticking to the screen protector. We made sure our applying area was clean, but some how dust was still able to get on the screen protector immediately.

Although the applying process wasn’t the greatest, the Wrapsol screen protector did live up to our expectations. The screen protector was strong enough against finger nail scratches, sharp edges, and pockets filled with random junk. We were equally impressed by the screen protectors ability to thwart finger print marks from even the greasiest of fingers. All in all, if you are able to make sure you keep the screen protector very clean during the application process, you should be pleased with the Wrapsol alternative to ZAGG or others.


For more information or to purchase a Wrapsol screen protector or phone wrap, check out www.wrapsol.com