This morning Research in Motion decided to blow away anyone in tech journalisms case of the Monday’s  as well as getting #teamblackberry off to a roaring start of the week.

As we reported earlier with RIM’s Press Release,  BlackBerry10 will be unveiled to the world on January 30th. The actual release date of the BlackBerry 10  devices is still unknown, though I’m sure most of us are speculating the week of February 4th through the 9th.

As I typed out February 4th,  I realized that was a day after the biggest TV commercial day of the year:  The NFL Superbowl!  That’s right  the NFL Superbowl is February 3rd 2013. Could we be getting a BlackBerry commercial during the Superbowl?

If we are what do you want to see out of this commercial? Tell us your ideas,  produce your own and post them to youtube!

This is an exciting week to be on Team BlackBerry.