Laszlo Birinyi announced today his annual stock picks for the coming year. Research In Motion was one of his picks, which has made the stock surge by 7%. “It’s [BlackBerry] been beaten down. It’s a brand, it’s got its fans, and it’s got its products,” Mr. Birinyi said. “I think it is a longshot. These are not widows and orphans stocks, but like we did last year, we want to pick some stocks that have the potential to do well, and aren’t necessarily a portfolio, but they are a good start.”

Birinyi has had quite a successful passed with choosing wise stock picks. In 1997 he chose Apple while it was at $7 a share. Just last year his group has averaged a gain of 17.89%, compared to the S&P 500′s loss of roughly 1% this year. 2012 will make for a very interesting year as RIM moves away from its traditional operating system (BBOS) to the new BBX found on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Let’s hope Birinyi is right, for RIM’s sake.

via FP