At the current moment you could classify most of what you’re about to read as rumors. We’re almost certain most of it will come to fruition, or so we’re told. Regardless, it appears that Reasearch In Motion is making a concerted effort for the continued success of BlackBerry’s. Here’s what is said to come in 2010:
  • Only devices releasing in the EU for 2010: Atlas, Stratus, and Apollo. For more on these devices, click here. (we’re unsure as of yet on USA releases, but wouldn’t doubt a “Storm Slider” aka Talladega)
  • BIS 3.0 – which will ultimately go up to version 3.4 (this hasn’t yet been mentioned). We are gathering more details on the remaining versions, but for info on version 3.0 to 3.1, click here.
  • As previously reported, the official Twitter client will release.
  • There will be a separate inbox for social networking apps. For example, Facebook notifications will be able to go either in your mailbox (like it does currently) or you can choose to have it go in the new social networking inbox. This will also be for apps like Palringo and Instango. 
  • Wireless syncing of media (photos, video, etc.) using either carrier network or WiFi.
  • Shortcuts to favorite web pages that can be listed on main screen.
  • The browser will be upgraded, but not yet to what analysts are predicting for the next Storm device. The browser will include tabs, full flash support, have better java support, and be quicker in load times.
  • Support for Podcasts and RSS feeds
  • Evolved EDGE – RIM is apparently working on new device technology (possibly with the radio?) they will be introducing with the BlackBerry Atlas. The new technology is upgrading the transmission speed of the current EDGE network. There will be speeds of up to 1mbps without changing cell-towers. RIM is working with carriers in the EU to upgrade the software that their cell-towers use in order for the new Atlas to work properly. This might not sound like much now, but will be a staggering blow to BlackBerry’s competition.

We’re very excited about the upcoming year 2010. Things seem to look bright for the direction of BlackBerry’s. What we briefly touched on is merely just a glimpse of what is yet to come.

Do you know anything that could be added to the list?