We’ve just been given this screenshot of a RIM OEM BlackBerry accessory. Nothing looks too special right? Well, take a closer look to the lower left-hand corner. You will see it says Tour 2!

We’ve been told the Tour 2 labeling is also on some silicone covers. Why is RIM letting these accessories to be sold with the improper labeling? Perhaps the labeling was printed before RIM decided to pull the “Tour 2” 9650 from Verizon to change it to a Bold 9650? Or, may we see a Tour 2 in the future?

Either way it is a bit strange, the whole situation with the 9650 device. We’ve seen the user guide and even the OEM housing show up; so we’re certain the 9650 will be a Bold. Do you think the Tour 2 is dead for good or that could RIM be planning on a future Tour 2?