After last months record-setting BlackBerry outage, RIM has devised a team to investigate the root cause. Initially, RIM believed the problem was with a failed core switch, which then accompanied a failed backup switch. That resulted in a large backlog of data from Europe, Middle East, and Africa that later spread to South America and North America.

The investigation team, managed under Chief Technology Officer David Yach, will be considering whether the server network should be redesigned. “Do we need to make any changes to either distribute traffic differently or look at how we do this completely differently?” said Patrick Spence, head of regional sales and marketing, said in an interview today in London. “This will certainly give us pause to figure if there’s something else we need to be doing and so we are looking at what is the longer-term impact. There’s nothing that’s not on the table.”

RIM has also considered sending traffic through carriers, as all data is currently routed through two main centers, in Waterloo for North America and in Slough, southern England, for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We have to earn back their trust, we have to show them that we’re going to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again,” Spence said. “I believe they’ll stick with us, but it’s up to us to earn that trust.”

via Bloomberg