BlackBerry Management Center, the program in place for users to register and manage email for multiple devices, will be ending soon. Research In Motion has sent out the following email to BBMC users:

As we refocus our services offerings and product portfolio approaching the launch of the new BlackBerry®10 platform and devices, we wish to inform you as a registered user of BlackBerry® Management Center that this service will be discontinued as of January 10, 2013. Effective January 10, 2013, the services and support of BlackBerry Management Center will no longer be accessible. You can still access wireless backup and restore, remote lock, locate, and wipe services for your BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry® Protect – a free service with an app you can download from BlackBerry App World™ or For more information on BlackBerry Protect please visit If you are subscribed to BlackBerry service, with access to email, you can set up your email account(s) using the Setup Wizard on your BlackBerry smartphone. We’re very excited about BlackBerry 10, our new mobile platform, and as an existing BlackBerry customer, we’d like to keep you updated with the latest news and information as we approach the launch early next year. You can visit and join the conversation with #BlackBerry10 on Twitter. Thank you for your continued support. 

It may be a pretty big deal for some, but BlackBerry Protect is a nice alternative. Who knows, maybe RIM has something new in the works for managing BlackBerry 10 devices.

Thanks Gino!