No, 007 isn’t working for Research In Motion. Though, if he were, the company might not be taking a beating at the moment. However, some time ago, there were whispers of a ‘project GoldenEye’. No, RIM isn’t trying to take over the world with a satellite capable of shooting a death-dealing EMP (but that’d be pretty badass if they were!).

In fact, the project GoldenEye was rumored to be a big server cloud facility with military-grade specs. Nevertheless, a new mystery building resembling such rumors has finally been erected and “A number of people from varying business units are housed there,” says Rebecca Freiburger, corporate communications manager at RIM.

The mystery building isn’t close to RIM’s main Waterloo campus at Phillip and Columbia streets. The new building is a three-story brick building with large windows and a glass atrium looms amid the trees of nearby Laurel Creek. The building is unmarked with any company information and is a bit secluded. Freiburger says, “It was decided a sign was unnecessary as there isn’t a need for visitors to know its location.”

Although, the Colliers International’s office market report for the first quarter of 2012 gives a clue that the 7,340-square-metre building was meant to be RIM’s headquarters. John Lind, a commercial real estate agent with the local Colliers office, says “I did hear it was supposed to be an executive office or think tank, but I don’t think its use has ever been clearly defined.”

What do you think this new building could be? Will the 560 Westmount building be RIM’s new headquarters, a think-tank, or the illusive server farm rumored to be called project GoldenEye?

via TheRecord