Over the last day I’ve been pondering on the new moniker, BlackBerry 10. As you may have learned, RIM was legally forced to change it from BBX, to whatever else. It is now history that they ultimately chose BlackBerry 10. Even though I’ve come to understand the meaning behind ’10’ (X is a roman numeral of 10), the new moniker seems strange. Now once again we’re stuck with ‘BBOS’ and a number. Ironically, skipping BBOS 8 and 9.

What struck me odd is why RIM didn’t just call it ‘BlackBerry X’. I think people would have then naturally called it BBX. That way the BBX moniker will still be used by BlackBerry users without all of the legal entanglements. RIM would just have to make sure ‘BlackBerry X’ was marked on all promo materials and retail boxes. I reached out to Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of Developer Relations, over Twitter to gain some insight on the matter (still waiting for his response).

Perhaps RIM did discuss using ‘BlackBerry X’, but for some unseen reason they chose not to? Maybe they didn’t even think it through? It’s apparent there was some initial oversight as someone in RIM legal didn’t do the investigative means when they first chose ‘BBX’. Nonetheless, BlackBerry 10 is what we’re stuck with, but it will forever remain BBX in our minds. What do you think RIM should have called it?