Yesterday we did a report on Carrier IQ and how it was on BlackBerry devices. We only reported on it as the man responsible for finding Carrier IQ claimed it was also on BlackBerry devices. However, RIM attests this claim and Mark Sohm, a BlackBerry Development Advisor, gave this statement in the support forums:

RIM is aware of a recent claim by a security researcher that an application called “CarrierIQ” is installed on mobile devices from multiple vendors without the knowledge or consent of device users. RIM will continue to investigate reports and speculation related to CarrierIQ.

RIM can attest that it does not pre-install the CarrierIQ application on BlackBerry smartphones and has never done so. Furthermore, RIM does not authorize its carrier partners to install the CarrierIQ application on BlackBerry smartphones before sales or distribution and has never done so. RIM also did not develop or commission the development of the CarrierIQ application, nor is RIM involved in any way in the testing, promotion, or distribution of the CarrierIQ application.

If the CarrierIQ application is present on a BlackBerry smartphone, it does not mean that the CarrierIQ application has “hacked” the BlackBerry platform. It means that either the BlackBerry smartphone user or the user’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server admin explicitly installed the application and authorized it to run. The user or the user’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server admin has full control over which third-party software he or she installs on a BlackBerry smartphone. The BlackBerry smartphone is designed to prompt the user for consent to grant permissions to a third-party application.

All users (of any device from any manufacturer) should always avoid installing and granting permissions to applications from untrusted sources. This simple precaution mitigates the risk of malware or unwanted software being installed on a user’s mobile device.”

Did you have a sigh of relief? There is an app available for BlackBerry from Carrier IQ, but as RIM says, they do not pre-load the software or require their carriers to do so. It will still be interesting to watch this issue unfold, as it is a privacy concern.