Patents are always fun to talk about and see. We recently stumbled across a newly published patent titled ‘Customizable Keyboard’. To our surprise, the patent detailed the ability to set custom keyboard designs for specific variations and scenarios. The patent gives an abstract:

A customizable keyboard for a handheld electronic device is provided. The keys of the keyboard are rotatable, either individually or in groups, either under manual control of a user of the device or by means of one or more micro-motors or solenoids controlled by a microprocessor running software on the device. The keyboard may be integrated in the device or may be detachable therefrom.”

Although the patent specifically details that of physical key rotation, we can’t be naive to think RIM wouldn’t push this same idea to virtual keyboards too. Imagine having the ability to set a specific keyboard for when you’re playing a game, using only your left hand, or two thumbs as the first image details. How would you change your BlackBerry keyboard if you could customize it? Sound off in the comments!