Every year, IT and government come together at the Canada’s Government Technology Conference (GTEC) to showcase their solutions and products.  The conference hosts booths, demoes, talks, exhibitions and more on everything having to do with technology in the public sector.

RIM (and N4BB!) was on location demonstrating the power of BlackBerry 10 platform, and how the new Mobile Fusion Studio and future BES 10 mobile device management technologies can help governments manage their employee’s devices.

Set in the heart of Canada’s capital at the brand new Ottawa Convention Centre, the conference gives an opportunity for RIM to showcase BlackBerry 10 to IT professionals and government employees.  The BlackBerry team played BlackBerry 10 promotional videos and ran demonstrations of the PlayBook’s power and security as a government device.

While this is no developer event like BlackBerry Jam Americas, or general event like BlackBerry World, RIM is determined to maintain their dominance in government and enterprise.  Their experience and heritage as an enterprise solutions provider best positions them to deliver the type of mobile device management services that governments demand.

What do you think RIM needs to do to ensure that governments buy into the BES 10 solution and BlackBerry 10 devices just as they have done with BlackBerry 7 smartphones?  Sound off in the comments below!